Jake Paul Sells His LA Mansion For $6.1 million USD

The mansion, which was weirdly half-abandoned, sold for nearly $800k USD less than what Jake paid for it in 2017.

Controversial YouTuber turned [checks notes] professional boxer, Jake Paul, has sold his California mansion for $6.1 million USD according to the property's listing on Zillow.

Jake reportedly purchased the 15k square foot property back in 2017 for roughly $6.8 million USD. This means he's selling the property for $800k USD less than what he paid for it.

According to Zillow, the gigantic property boasts eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, multiple living rooms, an office, gym, theatre and an attached two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house. It also has a three-storey staircase at the entrance – which is so weird, 'cos same here.

Much like its former owner, the house has spent years embroiled in drama. Trust Jake Paul to somehow have a controversy-ridden house.

In August 2020, Jake's house was raided by the FBI. Before any details were released, dramatic aerial footage showed agents seizing firearms from the property. At the time, the only explanation given was from an FBI spokesperson, who said that the search was connected to Jake's arrest at a shopping centre in Scottsdale, Arizona during a Black Lives Matter protest in May 2020. Here's everything that happened in the weeks after.

Only a few months prior to the raid, Paul came under fire from the Mayor of Calabasas for holding a party at the mansion right in the middle of a literal pandemic. Neighbours reportedly stated that none of the guests seemed to be observing social distancing requirements.

A recent video released by fellow YouTuber George Janko offers a quick tour of Jake's ex-property. The video shows a now half-abandoned mansion, featuring plenty of Paul's stuff left behind in piles, as well as stains, messes and a very green pool.

For a fun activity, you can compare Janko's video from the original house listing to see just how much damage has occurred over the last four years. Oh, rich people. Here's hoping the mansion gets some better treatment this time 'round.

Written by Dani Leever, a writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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