Queen Amy Poehler tells us the one Sydney landmark she definitely will NOT be visiting

…and she shook our hands…no biggie. Just if you were interested.

ICYMI, Queen and comedy goddess Amy Poehler is in Australia on a press tour for her new Pixar film ‘Inside Out’. Seriously where have you been?

MTV Travel spoke to the Parks and Recreation star about her first ever whirlwind trip Down Under and she plans to pack in as much as she can between interviews with media and fan signings.

[related] “I’m here for just a few days, so a very quick trip,” she told us. (Don’t leave! You can stay at our house!)

Among the usual #foodporn destinations and shopping expeditions, Amy’s entourage piped in to poke fun at her fear of heights.

“She’s climbing the bridge,” they said.

Amy laughed nervously and admitted she would not be climbing the bridge, “Ah yes the bridge, no I’m definitely not climbing the bridge.”

We pressed her on this, because it’s not very often that a celebrity comes into town and doesn’t attempt the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, even if it is just to be hung on the wall next to fellow climbers. Will Smith, Kylie Minogue, Zac Efron and Prince Harry are just a few that have taken the plunge (not literally of course…)

Even after being reminded of this rite of passage, Amy chuckled in her ever-so-gracious nature and said, “Then it’s been done, I don’t have to.”

Damn she’s quick. And beautiful. And hilarious. Come back soon Amy!


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