Alexander Skarsgard Has An Instagram Account & It's Super Disappointing


We hate to bring you this news, but we thought it best to be straight up and honest about it: Alexander Skarsgard has Instagram, but there are no pics of himself. (Let alone shirtless pics.)

 The Tarzan actor told Vanity Fair Italia, "I have an Instagram account, but it is not a traditional celebrity account, I put a few things on it and I do not look for followers. [Social media] numbers measure success for the Kardashians, not for an actor. An actor must keep a certain distance from the public. If you post fourteen selfies a day, if I tell you what I ate at breakfast, then why should you come see my movies? Too much personal information questions the credibility of the interpreter."


Going by the moniker 'Rex Danger', Alex has only shared three pics that semi give away his identity, including the above close up of the suit he wore to the 2017 Met Gala.


The above pic kept us guessing as this could certainly be mistaken for a post from a fan account.


Meanwhile he calls him out by name on a recycled note from Paul Rudd.

But some super sleuth fans did manage to point out that Alex was spotted at the Elton John Concert in Sweden, at which he shared the below pic:


In his interview, he added, "Frankly, I do not really like the narcissistic aspect of social media. I love it when people photograph and share what they see, not when they only post photos in which they look good.”

Porque no los dos????

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