OMFG Here's How You Can See All Your Deleted Facebook Statuses & Photos

Oh god, not the song lyrics statuses...

Remember all those akward and super embarassing tween statuses you used to post that you thought were dead and buried never to be discovered?

Well Facebook has been storing them.

We know what youre thinking... this could either lead to a very good giggle at yourself or a one way ticket to China.

GOOD NEWS. You're the only person that can access this super sneaky safe, however it goes to show that nothing really is ever deleted when we think it is. 

So if you want to dig up some old dirt on yourself then here's how to unlock those selfies that didnt get enough likes:

1. Click on ‘settings’ in the top corner of your screen

2. Click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’

3. Check your emails

You can thank us later...

- Alex Hourigan

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