Kylie Jenner Has Announced The Date We Can Get Our Hands On Her Stormi Makeup Collection


As soon as Kylie Jenner became pregnant, she knew it was a future makeup collection waiting to happen.

As soon as we found out she was pregnant, we also knew this would be a tiny human to capitalise on and make a collection from. And we are not complaining!

Maybe it would be a collection of minis: mini lipsticks, eye palettes, gloss… travel size n cute.

Maybe it would be a dark and mysterious (read: Stormi), but also young and adorable (read: 2-year-old).

Well soon we’re gonna find out!

Kylie took to her IGTV to tell us that we can get our mits on The Stormi Collection on her bby’s 2nd birthday, February 1st.

Kylie Cosmetics has already teased a first look at The STORMI PALETTE – a purple, gold and neutral mix of shades that features names such as “Stormi Weather”, “Perfect Storm” and “Butterfly Babe”.

Can’t lie, it’s a little dreamy those colours – just look at how ~popping~ that gold looks!

There’s no doubt this will fly off the shelves like the rest of Kylie Cosmetic’s collections… and just in time for a Kylie Kon maybe??

- Tait McGregor

Main Image Credit: Instagram: @kyliecosmetics

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