Apparently ‘The Ellen Show’ Is Struggling To Book Celebrity Guests & We Can’t Imagine Why

It turns out toxic workplace allegations aren’t very good for business.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show just can't catch a break, can it? A new report from Buzzfeed News suggests all those toxic workplace allegations have been quite bad for business. Rude!

Apparently the beleaguered talk show is just not what it used to be: losing sponsors, celebrity bookings and even ratings. Wow, it was just several months of alleged bullying, racism and sexual harassment, people. Relax.

December is apparently a traditionally busy time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, courtesy of its "12 Days of Giveaways" segments (and who doesn't love free stuff?). Given the year we've had, this year's giveaways are going to frontline workers and those impacted by COVID-19; but the whole thing is reportedly not as extra as usual. "Everyone wants to be in the audience. Everyone wants the gifts," one current employee reportedly told the Buzzfeed team. "We line up all these crazy sponsors, and people love it. But this year, our '12 Days' is more condensed. We don't have as many sponsors."

They continued: "If we pick up sponsors by the new year, then we're cooking, we'll be fine, and we'll sell kindness in a bottle. But if we fail that report card, who knows." I use a lot of metaphors when I'm nervous, too. 

Meanwhile, another source Buzzfeed reckons is "close to the show" says the more subdued vibe is an artefact of the times we're in. "[Ellen's] not giving away these amazing trips, which were sort of the hallmark of '12 Days' over the past few years, sending audiences to amazing places. There are travel restrictions and she's giving gifts that are appropriate for the world right now," they said. "Maybe it looks and feels differently, but that's not a reflection on her or the business, but that's directly impacted by the state of the world and the kind of show that's being done now." Yeah, not sure I'm buying it. 

The report adds that lots of publicists are reluctant to have their clients appear on the show as they don't want them to be part of Ellen's "comeback tour". And look, it's America. Celebrities have got many other talk shows to choose from. There's an Amber Ruffin show, for god's sake.

Anyway, you get the idea. The show isn't doing too well, probably for the exact reasons you'd suspect. Don't worry though, we're pretty sure Ellen has savings. If push comes to shove, we reckon she'll be able to cover her rent.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer at MTV Australia. Follow her at @purpletank

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