Pressing Questions With Alice Skye

We accost musician Alice Skye with a medley of life's most pressing questions.

Alice Skye has slowly been building a name for herself as one of the most vital acts in Australia today. Her delicate and intimate storytelling coupled with incredibly vulnerable and introspective themes mean that every Alice Skye song is one that stays with you. She doesn't need to yell or scream, as her gorgeous, fairy-like voice immediately commands your attention and never lets it go.

Now, she's ready to transfix us all once again as she gears up to release her new album I Feel Better But I Don't Feel Good. Despite the album's title track being released before the pandemic, it's a title that eerily reflects the pendulum we'd all be swinging on throughout the year. Uncertainty, indecision, the god forsaken middle ground. While we'll have to wait until Friday, July 23 – when the album is released – to see if Skye has started to feel good, MTV Australia decided to pick her brain with our most pressing questions – some existential, and some decidedly less so – giving us a glance of the soul behind that gossamer voice.

What is the meaning of life?

I have a memory of me in high school, complaining to my mum about something and she said "well, life is frustrating and then you die". As grim as that sounds there is truth and comfort and humour in it to me. You could make meaning out of the things you do enjoy, the lessons you learn or the cycles you're breaking.

Something COVID taught you?

An alarming amount about myself and a little bit of Welsh on Duolingo.

Last movie you watched?

Honestly, Shrek. It had been a while between viewings and I honestly loved it. As a kid I did not clock the whole eviction notice plot line or take note of Donkey's open and honest communication.

Best advice you've received?

Take note of your patterns and habits but don't judge them.

Someone you really admire?

I admire the strength, resilience and generosity of my close family, friends and community very, very much.

How do you feel about your hair?

Today: good. Tomorrow: who knows?

Would you rather travel 100 years to the past or the future?

There's pros and cons for both. A pro for the past would be meeting your elders that aren't here now, although there are quite obvious cons in being Aboriginal in 1921. To see 100 years in the future I'd be equal parts curious, hopeful and terrified.

Nature or nurture?


Daily ritual you couldn't live without?

I like the idea that daily rituals can be more fluid or flexible than doing something at the same time every day. Having a nourishing feed and walking my dog would be up there.

How are you at 8am?

It really depends. I love how it feels to wake up early. But it takes me at least an hour or two to fully arrive.

Something you're passionate about?

I was recently very grateful to be involved at the launch of Dhadjowa Foundation, which supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families whose loved ones have died in custody. It was founded by the daughter of Aunty Tanya Day, Apryl Day, in consultation with other families going through this process.

Grief is so challenging under any circumstance but the extra work and campaigning for mob around deaths in custody is devastating. This kind of healing work and community care is everything.

Alice Skye's new album, 'I Feel Better But I Don't Feel Good', drops on July 23rd via Bad Apples Music. Catch her touring the East Coast that same month and take in her new single, "Party Tricks", below.

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