Say Hello To Paramount+, Your Shiny New Streaming Service

Paramount+ is here. Here’s what you need to know

Have you heard? The new streaming service Paramount+ just launched in Australia. Like today. And can we talk about timing? Large swathes of the country remain in lockdown, and by this point we’re running out of things to do; whether it’s try our hand at the TikTok froggy bread, listen to Prince Harry talk about his mental health or get gaslit by Kanye West. (Drop. The. Album).

So may we suggest that you rustle up some snacks? Because Paramount+ is positively bursting with unique content of every genre to shake you out of that winter malaise.

Here is the content we’re most excited about watching.

1. iCarly

We’re knee-deep in the age of the reboot, people, not to mention the YouTube revolution. So thank god for the 2021 revival of iCarly, the teen sitcom that somehow predicted influencer culture like no other show. As almost a decade has passed since the original series wrapped, we’re excited to reacquaint ourselves with Carly – now in her 20s – for a taste of her more grown-up adventures. (Catch our interview with Miranda Cosgrove here.)

2. Five Bedrooms

It’s easy to forget about local content with all of these reboots among us, but this is one Australian sitcom premise I can get behind. “It's the story of five unlikely allies in life, teaming up and buying a house. It's a grand social experiment with one glaring problem: they'll have to actually live with each other.” Honestly, I’m intrigued. Not just because I’ll probably end up in a similar position, but because it sounds like a case of Aussie TV that won’t throw me into a pit of despair. (The last one I watched was some nordic-noir-inflected drama involving a dead baby. Unbelievable.)

3. Everyone Is Doing Great

What happens when teen heartthrobs grow up? Like really grow up? When your prized youth starts to fade away? In Everyone Is Doing Great, actors and One Tree Hill alumni James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti aren’t afraid to explore that very question, playing characters living lives that loosely mirrors their own.

The two live in the cut-throat metropolis of LA, with Seth (Colletti) playing an ambitious bootstrapper who can’t get casting directors to take him seriously, while Jeremy (Lafferty) is essentially adrift. The world of post-fame is such rich fodder for comedy and pathos, so it’s fair to say we’re looking forward to the result.

Of course, Paramount+ is also jam-packed with OG MTV classics, including The Real World, Catfish, Daria,  Are You The One?, Teen Mom, The Hills, The Hills: New Beginnings, Jersey Shore and more. Yep, that’s my month planned.

As for some of the movies on offer: say hello to A Quiet Place, Harry Potter, Transformers, Mission: Impossible, Anchorman, Batman, Lord of the Rings, The Hangover and many, many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Slip into something comfy. You’ll be couch-bound for a while.

Paramount+ is available to Australian residents for $8.99 a month. Sign up for a free seven-day trial.

Editor’s note: Paramount+ and MTV are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS.

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