It's Been A Wild Night For Aussie Animals Getting Stuck In Odd Places

Something shifty’s a-brewin

Well friends, someone or something has gone and spooked the animals. Last night a mob of about 20 cows went on a fun midnight run around Victoria's South Gippsland, a late-night adventure that quickly went south for one cow who ended up stuck in an in-ground trampoline.

Happens to the best of us lil buddy, we’ve all had those nights. Thankfully, our bovine friend left the scene with nothing but a bruised ego and a valuable life-lesson: don’t follow the herd, etc, etc.

The rest of the herd was rounded up after a truck driver spotted them in the middle of the road and door-knocked at one of the local houses. People awoke to find cows scattered across their yards, and the cows were guided safely home.

Except for our mate in the trampoline. The rebellious-cum-unfortunate cow was discovered a little while after the rest, and only due to dairy farmer Kay Lang having a double check of her yard.

“I rang up the neighbour and said, ‘Oh gee, sorry David, there’s a cow stuck on the tramp. I’m not kidding you. It’s really on the tramp’,” she said this morning on 3AW.

“I would love to have seen her get on. I’m sure she must have been thinking, ‘What the hell?’ Anyway she ended up just plonking down and just sat … Thank God it was night time and she couldn’t see either because I’m tipping she would’ve been pretty terrified.”

But that’s not all folks, check this shit out.

A full-on deer. In Sydney. What’s he up to? What business does he have in Broadway?

The deer was also spotted in Pyrmont, Chippendale, Redfern, and even the bloody ANZAC Bridge.

Meanwhile, earlier this week in the Victorian town of Donald, a bloomin horse got stuck in a 5-metre well, and well (ayyyy) no one has a clue how he got in there.

RSPCA Victoria

The Clydesdale horse, named Soxz, was discovered when his owner heard a splash and found the six-year-old submerged in water, according to ABC Mildura-Swan Hill. The Country Fire Authority, RSPCA Victoria, and a local vet were called in to help with the rescue.

RSPCA Victoria

“It was a little bit of a head-scratcher initially because we did have to work out the plan on how we were going to actually get the horse out and ensure no further injury,” said Paul Hanish from the Donald CFA.

The rescue ended up taking four hours, but it looks like Soxz is set to make a full recovery. “We sedated the horse, calmed it down, put some slings around its belly and carefully raised it and put it back on the deck with minimal injury,” said Hanish.

“It took a little bit of skin off the front legs when he fell in, but he seems to be OK now and getting on with things."


RSPCA Victoria

Some nasty looking scrapes no doubt, but at least he’ll live to fight another day, as will the other cheeky creatures from this story, so all’s well that ends well I guess. But still, the question remains: What the hell is going on? Sure, some might say Australia’s a big country, and the odds of these events happening so close to each other isn’t really that high. And sure, that’s a feasible route to go down. But my bet is on aliens. Surely it’s aliens.

Watch this space.

Written by David Allegretti, a Melbourne-based writer. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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