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Pressing Questions With Cat & Calmell

We accost Sydney pop duo Cat & Calmell with a medley of life's most pressing questions.

In just a little over a year, Cat & Calmell have proven themselves to be an absolute force. The Sydney duo write pop like no other act in the country: dark and haunting though euphoric and fantastical at the same time. They’ve got cutting edge style and songwriting that cuts deep into the zillenial zeitgeist, and an unshakable ambition that consistently drives them over the edge. With that Billie Eilish-esque pop grit mixed with the steamrolling tenacity of the Spice Girls, Cat & Calmell have dropped a string of singles – “dumbshit”, “dramatic”, “Jorge” and the just-released “Get Old” – and are on the cusp of their debut EP Life Of Mine.

Before the EP drops on Friday, June 25, MTV Australia asked Cat & Calmell some questions about this life of theirs, and they gave us answers about hope, hydration and being a hot bitch.

What is the meaning of life?

Both (unless specified): There isn’t one, but that’s what’s fun, you get to decide for yourself.

Something COVID taught you

How to make friends with the voices in our heads.

Last movie you watched

Cat: Men In Black II

Calmell: Run

Best advice you’ve received

Life is a simulation, dress your avatar however TF you want.

Someone you really admire

Cat: Dwight Schrute

Calmell: Michael Scott

How do you feel about your hair?

Confused and upset.

Describe yourselves in three words

We’re essentially the same person, so…

1. Asthmatic

2. Charismatic

3. Pessimistic

One person or thing that’s underrated

Drinking enough water.

cat & calmell posing together for jorge music video stylish outfits leaning on vintage car petrol station

Would you rather travel 100 years to the past or the future?

Pretty pessimistic about there being a future in 100 years so past please.

Nature or nurture

Por que no los dos?

What do you doubt most?

The nutritional information chart on food.

Daily ritual you couldn't live without


How are you at 8am?


Something you're passionate about

Cat: being a hot bitch

Calmell: being a rich bitch

Tell us about your music in a sentence or two

Our music is constantly evolving as we’re evolving and we’re always just writing what we’re currently feeling, so to be honest we couldn’t even tell you – currently on a real nostalgia pop punk vibe though!

Cat & Calmell’s debut EP, Life Of Mine, is out June 25. Listen to their latest single, “Get Old”, and watch the music video below.

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