'Packed To The Rafters' Actor Hugh Sheridan Comes Out As Non-Binary

The Australian actor dropped the announcement by way of a cover story in 'DNA Magazine'.

Packed to the Rafters star and all-round brilliant entertainer Hugh Sheridan has posted a major life update: they’re non-binary!

Hugh and their fiancé have appeared on the cover of DNA Magazine, which features an interview with the entertainer. The photo is utter gay goodness – two extremely jacked babes holding each other, mere seconds away from touching lips.

Hugh posted the photo of the magazine cover to their Instagram story, with a caption where they refer to themselves as “non binary/bi/me/Hughman.” They go on to state that they’re not keen on choosing one specific label, and haven’t specified their pronouns, so we'll be using gender-neutral language in this article to be safe.

“I AM still a human (non binary/bi/me/Hughman) but I’m in a monogamous relationship with another human, who I love,” they wrote.

“I don’t accept a label cause it limits me… if you want it; take it. I chose zero labels for no other reason except the exclusion, limitations, separation, I believe are all one, deeeeep down. &…who knows? Why chose?!!”

“Be you. Be true. Be free: to BE, to JUST BE… you, a human, same as me,” Hugh added.

It’s a great time for trans folks in the Aussie entertainment industry, with G Flip also coming out as non-binary earlier this month.

Hugh’s announcement comes eight months after they posted a series of captions opening up about being attracted to people of all genders.

In October 2020, Sheridan posted a series of photos on Instagram with a powerful essay they’d written split between the captions. The essay talked about their journey towards realising they were non-binary and openly stated that they were attracted and had dated men and women. They also talk about struggling with their mental health and how hard it is to come out in the entertainment industry.

“My advice to anyone still figuring it all out is not to worry, right where you are is enough,” they wrote.

“I recognise more now than ever our pressing need to celebrate our common humanity…From this vantage point we can accept we are all the same yet honour our differences be it; ethnicity, gender, job, sexuality, religion, financial status.” Read their words here.

Congratulations, Hugh!

Written by Dani Leever, a writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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