Jacinda Ardern Confirms She's Keen To Set Up The NZ-Aus Travel Bubble By Christmas

Jacinda Ardern appeared on Today and Sunrise this morning sharing her plans to open travel up between New Zealand and Australia.

Jacinda Ardern appeared on morning shows Today and Sunrise today to share her plans to open travel up between New Zealand and Australia pretty damn soon.

And so the Trans-Tasman bubble talk continues.

Queen Jacinda Ardern has shared that her govt and ours are working on a special hotspot arrangement between New Zealand and Australia and that it’ll hopefully be up and running by Christmas. Huge! Especially considering the months of back and forth on this very topic. Ardern appeared on Today this morning to chat about her plans for the bubble, saying the arrangement would outline which locations are able to be visited by residents of both nations.

"We are working to maintain a COVID-free status so when people are able to visit us they can move around the whole country," she said, via "They can visit our hospitality [venues], they don't have any restrictions on their movements."

Ardern also said there was also still chat about setting up bubbles between NZ and individual Aussie states, rather than the whole country. “So much of that comes down to the decisions that Australia chooses to make going into the future,” she said.

Ardern's stint on Sunrise saw her sharing more deets about the proposed bubble. Per, she said freer travel between NZ and Australia was necessary and joked that Aussies and Kiwis would “miss each other” otherwise. She also vowed to have it set up by the end of the year.

"We were waiting for Australia … borders to be open – now, it looks like you are going to adopt a bit more of a hotspot regime, so we are working (with) that," she said. "I think they will give us the opportunity to open sooner than we otherwise will. We will be looking to what decisions you make on what qualifies as a hotspot, then we will make a call. I do think this opens up some opportunities."

Earlier this week, we reported that the Aus-NZ travel bubble talk, which first began back in April and since been on-again, off-again too many times to count, had been brought up again at National Cabinet meeting last Friday. This time ‘round the proposal had been for the bubble to exist only between New Zealand and New South Wales – of course, dependent on continued low coronavirus cases in both areas.


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