26 #PoorMichelle Moments That'll Make You Say 'Poor Michelle'


Do you ever think about your group of friends and wonder if y'all were Destiny's Child - who would be each member?

While the answer to yourself is always Beyonce - some people get hella mad when being named and shamed as the 'Michelle' of any friendship group. 

After joining Beyonce on stage at Coachella this past weekend, #PoorMichelle started trending again after someone posted this savage meme:

If you haven't heard, is pretty much the most ruthless thing that exists online.

As 'mean girls' as it is, you cannot help but laugh at some of the stuff that the internet has come up with.

Michelle herself has responded to this worldwide phenomenon, saying "thats not what my accountant said" when someone tweeted her with the tag.

#PoorMichelle that's not what my accountant said! Y'all be blessed now..

— Michelle Williams (@RealMichelleW) April 3, 2014

We've put together a list of some of the internets most savage #PoorMichelle moments, sure to leave you feeling guilty AF for laughing.

Check it out below:

- Jeremy Gonsalves.


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