We Did A Heavy Stalk Of Harry Jowsey From 'Too Hot To Handle' & Gathered All The Info You Need On Him


Netflix just dropped a reality TV show that is aptly named Too Hot To Handle because it quite simply is too much to handle but it's all we've got right now.

Think ridiculously good-looking people, frolicking on a Mexican island, glistening with sweat and pristine hair, flashes of blinding white teeth and undeniable sexual chemistry. 

The game? These contestants are in the running to win $100,000. They’ve all been selected for their penchant for hook-up culture and insatiable sex drive (as well as being ridiculously good-looking, did we mention?).

The catch? The island is hanky panky free. Absolutely no touching, kissing, heavy petting and absolutely no sex. Any rule breaking will result in money being slashed from the prize pool and *spoiler alert*, the winner(s) doesn’t get the full $100K.

One contestant might be familiar to us Aussie and New Zealand viewers. Harry Jowsey, is the token Australian on the show and we know he has won quite a few fans over. Because we're heroes, we've done a ~heavy~ stalk on this young lad to find out everything we can about him. Don't say we never gave you nuthin'.

Who is Harry Jowsey?

Harry is a 23-year-old Aussie bloke from Queensland, Australia. He’s also apparently 6’ 5” for those wanting to imagine him standing next to you.

By the looks of our snooping, we reckon he hails from somewhere close to Rockhampton/Yeppoon OR Ballina/Byron Bay (however, that’s technically NSW so let’s go with the former).

You might recognise him from his reality TV past

Are you sitting there thinking, “Hang on, I know this guy from a TV show FOR SURE”? You’d be right – Harry won the first season of New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island in 2018 with his girlfriend at the time Georgia Bryers. The pair split the $100K prize money and then split up their relationship. What can we say? He’s a fiend for these dating TV shows. A modern day Romeo?

He’s an entrepreneur (aside from his reality TV hustle)

In his spare time when he’s not dating ridiculously good-looking people and taking model shots, Harry’s working on his clothing line Naughty Possums and his kinda dormant YouTube channel (unfortunately Haz took down his vlogs on April 20 - we noticed Harry, you can't get away with it!).

His best seller clothing item is a hoody with “Boyfriend Dick” embroidered on it (uh, okay) – check it out yourself!

Prior to his TV stardom though, Harry worked in a bottleshop and a bar (according to one of his now unlisted YouTube vids).

Harry’s had a pretty impressive glow up

If you go back deep on Harry’s Instagram (@harryjowsey), he didn’t used to look this cute (his words, not ours). Harry has gone through a variety of hair phases, including long locks that didn’t quite hit right (again, his words, not ours). You can decide for yourself though!

He's a mumma's boy

So, again, in his now unlisted YouTube vids, Harry made a Q&A where one Snapchat fan asked, "What are your aspirations in life?" 

Turns out Harry has a list of goals on his walls, the first being, "deposit $1,000,000 into mum's bank account". Well who wouldn't want to be his mum right now!

His other goals included, "Be the BEST at everything I do", "Travel to a different country each year" and "Be Kylie Jenner's first white boyfriend". Sorry? But also, Cody Simpson beat you to that years ago, Harry AND he's Australian, so you can't argue that selling point either.

Check out his only public vid here:

He's caught the Travel Bug

Yep, it was one of his goals above, but Harry also has a scratch-it poster where you can scrape off which countries you've been to - his favourite holiday has been Spain and Mexico, or just a warm place with a cool beach.

He also said if he was granted three wishes, he'd use one to get free flights everywhere "because travel is absolutely the tits!"

He used his other two wishes to "get big legs" and "just like stacks of cash, like an embarrassing amount". Man, he always starts so well on these answers.

Harry got suspended from school in New Zealand

It's undeniable that Harry has a bad boy ~streak~ and this has confirmed it. 

The Aussie boarded at Nelson College in New Zealand for his final year of high school in 2014. However, Harry was barred from attending his graduation dinner and prize ceremony after a prank. 

Harry, along with four other students at the college, streaked through their sister school's end-of-year prize giving assembly attended by the female pupils and their parents. 

The boys were "stood down" for three days with some of them (unconfirmed if Haz is included) stripped of their prefect badges and only allowed on school property for exams. 

He can be a team player

SPOILER ALERT PEOPLE: So turns out Harry got himself into some hot *steamy* water on Too Hot To Handle as he got close with Canadian Instagram model Francesca Farago.

How close? Well, if we’re talking school terms, they hit a home run and cost the show at least $26,000 in prize pool deductions. BUT the pair were challenged to one night of keeping their hands to themselves to earn back $32,000 for their fellow castmates and succeeded. Well done Harry, you really pulled your weight with your 24-hour abstinence. SMH.

He's now a local to Los Angeles

If you were busy opening up another tab to book flights to Rockhampton to try your luck at stalking Harry, you'd be out of luck. 

Harry is currently LA-based, isolating in the sunny Californian weather. 

And there's your *hot* goss on Harry Jowsey! 

Now we're not gonna give away who takes home the money so you better go binge Too Hot To Handle to your hearts content and ~root~ for Harry. 

- This article was written by Tait McGregor.

Main Image Credit: Netflix

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