All The Clues Which Have Got Fans Thinking David Dobrik & Madison Beer Are A Hot New Couple

All signs are pointing to a hot new couple up between YouTube sensations David Dobrik and Madison Beer.

Fans think David Dobrik might have just confirmed that he’s in a relationship with Madison Beer.

Romance rumours have been swirling about these two for a long time now, with the duo sharing several flirty interactions online in the past few weeks.

Back in March, David shared an image of them hugging tightly with the caption: “Beauty and the beast (sorry for calling you a beast Madison lol)," as she responded: “Belle never looked so good."

He later claimed that he’s been in love with the model for “five months,” although plenty of people assumed he was just joking around.


Done deal @madisonbeer

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The rumours have now started up again after David posted a TikTok with clips from one of their Snapchat conversations. "Do you wanna date," one message read, as Madison seemingly replied: "Sure!"

Fans can’t quite figure out if the duo are teasing everyone or if they’re actually in a proper relationship: “Is this the confirmation we’ve been waiting for?” one person questioned in the comments.

Another added: “Gotta say, I’m very down with this couple” as a third said that Dadison is a ship they're happy to climb on board: “If this is your way of saying you and Madison are dating, I approve.”

Even though nobody can be sure if they’re actually dating or not, there’s no denying that the vast majority of their fans are stanning them together. Including us.

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