10 Music Video Moments From The Noughties That'll Make You Shudder With Embarrassment


Before Instagram, iPhones and the Kardashians, there was the noughties. A time so bizzare, the best possible way to reflect on them are through music videos, so sit back enjoy this nostaligia trip where we bring you the cringiest moments that ever happened during the 00s.

Complicated - Avril Lavigne 

Avril basically epitomised rebellion in the 00s with her signature 'IDGAF' attitude that inspired many a DIY pink hair dye jobs/wearing of tartan skirts for teenage girls around the globe. In the Complicated vid, Averz is seen rockin' a loose tie over a black tank top whilst beckoning possibly the most 00s question ever, '‘dude, you wanna crash the mall?’'. Yep, we are WAY too happy that running amock in Target is no longer considered a #coolgirl activity. 

My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas

Other than being a certified club banger, if historians ever want reasoning for the significance of this track, look no further than the BLING. Fergie is literally rocking 24 carats on her ears ALONE. 1:25 will give you an extra special close up of Ferg's bedazzled ring, a DICE chain hanging from her jeans and a rhinestone belt. Just pause and bask in all the cringe-o 00s glory for a second. 

SOS - Jonas Brothers 

#Only00sKidsWillRemember when the Jonas Brothers hadn't hit puberty, had long hair and sang absolute tunes for Disney. Flip phones are basically the feature display of this video and a FRKING MOTOROLA literally gets thrown in the bin. 

I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco 

Two words: guy liner. To do further research on this phenomenon check literally any video from Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance/Paramore.We still love Panic though because #EmoNeverDies.

Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC 

One Direction may have filled the boy band sized hole in our hearts for a few years, but nothing they did ever reached the ICONIC levels of *NYSNC. The production value on this video is still better than some movies and the synchronised choreography is just something we DO NOT get enough of these days. Justin Timberlake's baby face and curly blonde hair pretty much changed the world at the turn of the millenium. 

Dirty - Chrstina Aguilera 

Not even Kylie Jenner could truly do justice to this iconic look. Xtina's lip ring, leather pants and well...dirty blonde hair scream 2002. We don't think we'll ever lip gloss quite that glossy ever again. 

Pon De Reply  - Rihanna

Okay so we all know Riri is the QUEEN of all things edgy these days but it was only just over a decade ago when she was rocking FLARED JEANS and PIGTAILS in this 2005 video. Her long, curled brown locks are a sign of the experimentation and decade defining hairstyles to come. 

Shake It - Metro Station

Who remembers when dance battles, snake bite piercings and bandana scarves were cool? Yep, we’ve tried to repress the memory too. 2007 was a trying time for everyone when it came to fashion but Miley Cyrus’ bro Trace and his band Metro Station well and truly cemented the shudder worthy trends of neon skinny jeans and swooping side fringes in the video for shake it. The song is still a 10/10 banger though.

Gold Digger - Kanye West 

‘I miss the old Kanye.' This video is literally light years away from the grimy, monochrome tones of Yeezy season 3. Not even the immortal and all praiseworthy 'Ye was immune to shutter shades and popped collars. 

Hot In Herre - Nelly 

Look 00s RnB is still the catchiest music to ever exist BUT we're thankful AF the genre has moved away from oversized NBA jerseys and....sweatbands? Ew

- Bianca Davino 


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