‘Too Hot To Handle’s’ Francesca Farago Says She Has No Idea If She's Actually Engaged To Harry Jowsey


After Harry Jowesys super cute ring pop proposal on the Too Hot To Handle reunion special, Francesca Farago just revealed that as of right now the couple aren't officially engaged. 

In a recent interview with Variety, Francesca spilled the beans on their relationship status and tbh we’re just as confused as they seem to be. 

Apparently the two of them spoke after the reunion Zoom call and she asked him point blank “Are we engaged?” And he said “I asked you to marry me, so I don’t know”. She went on to say “I think it definitely just needs to be done in-person, like a proper proposal. So, as of right now, no, we’re not engaged, for everyone who’s been asking”. 

But then after clarifying their relationship status she changed her answer again making it clear it’s hella complicated. “I mean, we kind of are, but I don’t know because how do you really decide that via Zoom call?" she said. 

Look, she’s got a point. Who in their right mind imagines as a little girl they want to be proposed to via a Zoom call? Literally no one. That’s the answer. No one. 

She went on to reveal that they had already spoken about the proposal in a very real way saying, “We had a shared folder about wedding rings, and he kept saying, ‘What ring do you want?’ And I just said, ‘Oh, just get me a Ring Pop,’ so that’s what I said…it was funny, it was cute, I was definitely not prepared for it. It was a cute gesture”. 

From the sounds of things, homegirl wants a real ring. She wants to see the diamonds before she commits and we don’t blame her. 

She went on to tell Variety that even though they aren't ‘engaged’ they have started to think about wedding plans. "We, of course, have ideas in our head," she said. "But right now, we’re just focused on the immediate future and getting through this quarantine (The pair are quarantining apart)…We’re not focused on wedding stuff. We’re just focusing on keeping us together and strong…it’s hard to go months and months and months without seeing the person that you love the most."

So while it’s still kinda confusing if they are in fact officially engaged or not, it’s clear that the pair are still very much together. 

Fingers crossed they can clear things up asap cause we are so ready for a spin off wedding special. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram @harryjowsey

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