Jarrod Woodgate Calls Out Ex Keira Maguire For Still Using His Netflix A Year After They Broke Up

We've all been there.

Times are tough for influencers. With endorsement deals drying up as companies face COVID and the added headache of trying to navigate sharing sponcon in the midst of a global pandemic and Black Lives Matter – those who make a living from spruiking products on social media are undeniably in a little bit of a pickle.

So, like the rest of us, influencers are trying to save a few dough where they can – and some are getting pretty creative in their cost-cutting methods. Enter: Keira Maguire and her new boyf Matt Zukowski, who've been openly scrounging off her ex's Netflix account for months. 

Over the weekend, Keira and her new boyfriend Matt, who appeared on Love Island, were called out by Keira's Bachelor In Paradise ex, Jarrod Woodgate, for continuing to use his Netflix more than a year after Kiera and him split (lol). Let's be real: many of us have held onto a password longer than we should have (free Netflix is free Netflix), but few are as bold about it as Kiera and Matt.

See, Jarrod shared a screenshot of a DM that Kiera's new boyfriend, Matt, sent him – explaining how he found out that these guys had been using his account. In it, Matt writes: “Hey mate, hope your well! Just wondering if you could check where the last dance is up to on your Netflix account as we were watching it and we have forgotten where we are up too. Cheers brother.” The audacity!

Course, Jarrod then reposted the message, with his own reply: “Public Service Announcement: If you think that your Netflix account is getting hacked by Russian spies because it keeps saying ‘continue watching’ to shows you’ve never seen… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD,” he wrote alongside it. “Cause it could be the ex you broke up over a year ago and her new boyfriend using your account. WTAF.”

Savage. Keira, in uncharacteristic form, has yet to respond. No doubt she will, though, so watch this space. An all-out war over Netflix etiquette? Very 2020. 

Main Image Credit: Bachelor In Paradise, Channel 10

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