Stella McCartney's New Ad Features Madonna's Daughter, Grimes & The Car Of Your Dreams

Time to plan your girls trip.

Ever since we watched Britney's film debut in Crossroads, we’ve been plumping for another girls adventure - now it’s finally here and we’re happy to say it’s MUCH more fashion.

Set against a bubble-gum pink backdrop at an abandoned motel, watch Grimes, Amanda Stenberg, Lourdes Leon and Kenya Kinski-Jones drift to the tune of ‘Venus Fly’ from Grimes’ Art Angels LP, in Stella McCartney’s latest POP fragrance ad.

The entire squad is dressed in Moss-inspired slip dresses in various shades of pink and the road trip, of sorts, features a convertible car with a built- in pool (ya know, just casually) which the girls ride/dance/look really fkn good in, before they proceed to get out and dance in the desert.

From there, it all get’s a little weird and metaphorical - especially when Kenya Kinski-Jones jumps off the convertible, falls through the clouds and into the ocean, before emerging from the convertible somehow.

But all g, then they start dancing again. 

- Alana Meaney

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