Trisha Paytas Dubs Shane Dawson And His Fiancé Ryland Adams ‘Literal Scum Of The Earth’

Ryland Adams takes to his podcast to defend himself and it did not go down well.

Phew. It's not even the end of January, but the latest YouTuber drama has taken so many twists and turns it's making us dizzy. In the latest of this controversy, Trisha Paytas has called out Shane Dawson and his fiancé Ryland Adams for being "literal scum of the earth". Ouch.

Let's back up a second. After a horrific online attack of Trisha Paytas by Jeffree Star's former hairdresser HairByJay, Paytas took to the internet to call Star and Jay out for toxic bullying. Star condemned HairByJay's comments and fired him. Embroiled in the whole situation is fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson (who himself was involved in a bunch of extremely disturbing controversies last year). Paytas and Dawson's friendship broke down over this saga, as Paytas accused Dawson of siding with the problematic Star.

Phew! That brings you up to speed. Now what?

Ryland Adams took to his podcast The Sip to address the situation; essentially saying that Paytas' friendship meant a lot to him, but was confused as to how and why the situation had gone down.

"Trish is mad at us right now, and I'm confused. I was taken back a little bit."

"I truly wish she would have come to me as a friend if she was hurting," he said, and stated that he couldn't "read someone's mind" in regards to whether Paytas wanted him to cut Star out of his life.

To say this wasn't received well is an understatement. The comments were immediately flooded with snake emojis and people calling Ryland out for being hypocritical and a bad friend. People took issue with the fact he called the situation between Star and Paytas an "altercation," despite Paytas being open about how traumatic it was. The comments section was quickly turned off, and internet punters began expressing their anger on his other videos.

Meanwhile on Twitter: upon hearing claims that Dawson had been talking about her behind her back and called her a "pathological liar", Paytas tweeted: "A big fuck you to Shane Dawson."

Paytas has now responded to both new developments with a scathing 32-minute video entitled 'Shane and Ryland are literal SCUM OF THE EARTH'. (She doesn't mince words). She refutes Adams' claims he wasn't aware of the extent of the situation, claiming it was "a lie on so many levels."

She calls them both "so fake", saying they were supposed to be her "best friends". She claims that she spoke personally to the both of them about the situation with Star, so "Ryland straight up just lied" in his podcast.

"In a way I was just so desperate to be liked by someone. [Dawson] would give me the validation in a way that a toxic boyfriend would. They string you along enough to, like, keep you happy but also destroy you behind your back – and that's what I'm finding out now."

Whew, emotions are running high, people. We'll keep you across what happens next.

Written by Dani Leever, a writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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