Controversy-Ridden YouTuber Shane Dawson Thought Now Would Be The Perfect Time To Release Pig-Shaped Handbag Line

Shane Dawson is in need of some serious reputation management Enter: pig-shaped handbags.

Shane Dawson is in need of some serious reputation management. Enter: pig-shaped handbags.

In case you were wondering what Shane Dawson has been up to this week, he’s been busy releasing a new product: a selection of pig-shaped handbags.

Yep, while we’ve barely heard a peep out of Shane since he announced he was quitting the beauty YouTuber world two months ago, in recent weeks the YouTuber has been quietly releasing new products to his merch store – the latest being pig handbags that come in pink, white or black and are, in our humble opinion, actually quite cute. (Last sentence was written through gritted teeth.) The bags join his existing pig-themed line of backpacks, tumblers and wallets.

So Shane has released new products, Pig bags for $65 to $80 from r/ShaneDawson

If you’re scratching your head as to why this is newsworthy it’s ‘cos again, we’ve barely heard anything out of Shane in two whole months. For a former social media star, that's a very, very long time. Social media years are like dog years etc etc.. 

Given his recent controversies, Dawson's done well to go to ground. It all begun when clips showing Shane using blackface, spouting various offensive words against POCs and joking about paedophilia resurfaced. Then, Tati Westbrook had dropped a disturbing new video where she’d accused him and Jeffree Star of manipulating her to go against James Charles.

Shane publicly addressed some of the allegations at the time, releasing a video titled “Taking Accountability”, in which he sweepingly apologised for his past behaviour claiming it "wasn't him".

He sent out a tweet or two, too, and also recorded a bizarre Instagram Live reacting to Tati’s claims (which we're sure he regrets). Since then, though, Shane's remained uncharacteristically silent. His last Instagram and Twitter posts are both from the end of June. 

Which brings us straight back to the pig handbags. Given his radio silence of late, this pig-handbag drop is quite significant and makes for strange timing. What does it all mean?! Is Shane Dawson cancelled or not?! Will his bags still sell-out?! As always, we'll keep you posted

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