EXCLUSIVE: Aussie Geordie Shore Star Chrysten Zenoni Announces Pregnancy


There's another Geordie baby on the way!

Months after Gaz Beadle welcomed his first child, son Chester, his ex-flame and Aussie star of Geordie Shore Season 17, Chrysten Zenoni, has announced she is expecting.

In an exclusive interview with MTV, the 21-year-old has revealed she is four months pregnant with her first child. 

Read our interview with the mum-to-be below...


How did you find out you were pregnant? 

I went to the doctors and thought I would do a test just in case, and it came up with the two lines so I literally found out maybe like four weeks into the pregnancy.

How are you feeling about becoming a mum?

Excited! It was a bit overwhelming, I texted my best friend and told her so she came to the doctors straight away. I tried not to cry, was not expecting it at all.

Are you and the father together?

We’re not together.

How did your mum react?

Yeah mum was super excited she’s wanted a grand baby forever and [other peoples] opinions don’t matter to be honest. All that matters is the baby is healthy and supported by my close friends and family.

How are you preparing? When are you due?

I’m due December 18, so a Christmas baby. I'm preparing by doing some beauty courses to save some money for the baby.

Will you be hitting up Gaz for play dates?

[Laughs] Don’t think so! Might be a bit awkward plus I haven’t spoken to him literally since 'Ex on the Beach'.

What does this mean for your reality TV career?

I hope it’s not the end. I’m sure I can make it work when the baby is a bit older. I like to think it’s just on hold for now and I'll return later on.


Chrysten is keeping a tight lid on the sex of the baby for now, but we've already placed our bets. 

Massive congrats to mum and bub! We can't wait to meet the newest (cutest) member of the Geordie Shore fam.  

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