Ex Carlin Sterritt Weighs In On Drama With Angie Kent, Timm Hanly & Ciarran Stott

It's been an intense few weeks.

Carlin Sterritt has issued bullies a stern warning after fellow Bachelorette co-stars, Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott, copped some serious hate.

It all started when Angie Kent called out the six dudes from her Bachelorette season who went on to wash up on Bachelor In Paradise. She said these guys weren't on her show “for the right reasons”, going on to single out Ciarran Stott and his “hype man” Timm Hanly, saying she wished she’d eliminated them sooner.

Enter, Carlin Sterritt. Up until now, Angie’s ex had remained quiet on the topic, but yesterday (Wednesday), he decided to weigh in on the drama. Alongside a re-gram of a few of Angie’s comments, Carlin wrote on his Instagram Stories: “I certainly copped it for months after by Aus while these other lads got their praise. Made dating hard that’s for sure. But that’s life.”

Carlin's clearly staying firmly on the fence. He may agree with Angie, but he said he’s not keen to see Ciarran or Timm dragged through the mud.

“I, however, don’t want to see ANYONE being bullied. It scares the shit out of me what it can do to an individual’s mental health,” he continued. “No one deserves it… hear me, NO ONE!”. Screenshots here.

This isn’t the first time mental health has come up surrounding this year’s BIP. After contestant Jamie Doran appeared to have a breakdown before leaving the show, fans called into question whether or not the scene really needed to be aired.

Host Osher Gunsberg tweeted at the time: “It’s probably pertinent to point out that everyone on the show has full access to mental health professionals as well as support from the Warner Bros. Australia and Network 10 teams before, during and after production.”

Keira Maguire has also said being portrayed as the villain on the show has given her “massive anxiety”. Speaking on the JMo Confidential podcast, she said: “I am a little bit shocked… a little bit rattled [to be portrayed as a villain].” Bachelor alum Abbie Chatfield has also spoken at length about the ways the public's slut shaming and bullying has affected her.

if you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues there is help available – head to headspace or contact lifeline's 24/7 hotline on 13 11 14.

Main Image Credit: Instagram & Bachelor In Paradise, Channel 10

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