The ‘Parks & Recreation’ Reunion Episode Raised Over $4 Million For COVID-19 In True Leslie Knope Style


We laughed, we cried, we imagined ourselves in Congress for a flash moment while munching down a calzone and arguing the importance of breakfast foods and whipped cream on waffles.

It was the TV series that refined our comedic tastes to a high-quality script with wellwoven jokes; and began our lifelong journey to Treat Yo’ Self.

Yes, we are talking Parks and Recreation.

The series spanned from 2009 to 2015, and introduced us to the most intricately detailed characters including Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, April Ludgate, Andy Dwyer… Each perfectly crafted in their own unique right like no other series could.

And now, in some of the most pressing of times, the cast has come together for a reunion episode like a beacon of light. Or a candle in the wind. Or even, 5,000 Candles In The Wind.

The half-hour reunion special aired on NBC on April 30th in support of Feeding America, prompting viewers to donate to their COVID-19 Response Fund.

Over US$2.8 million dollars was raised, which equates to around AU$4.3 million – that’s bonkers!

Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Jim O’Heir, Retta and Ben Schwartz all reprised their iconic roles from the comfort of their own IRL homes for a scripted special into what their characters have been up to since the show’s completion.

Lucky for Ron Swanson, self-isolation is his perfect dream. No human interaction and eons of time to be one with nature, whittling wood and eating meat.

As he put it in the teaser video, “I’ve been practicing social distancing since I was 4 years old.”

With such a picture-perfect wrap up to the show, it was a gamble to reunite the cast together.

“I never thought we would do this because of the particular brand of ending it had,” Adam Scott, who plays Ben Wyatt, told Variety. “But when Mike [Schur, co-creator] sent the email, it just, at least in my mind, felt like, ‘Of course.’ This is essentially the only circumstance that would call for a Parks reunion I think, to help people out. It makes emotional sense, and creative sense as well.”

It felt just as heart-warming as a Leslie Knope Galentine’s Day, as polished as an Andy Dwyer shoeshine and as classic as a Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry/Barry Gergich fumble.

Yet another piece of beauty to come out of this chaos.

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