"Cousins" Chris Pratt & Spencer Pratt Are Hanging Out & Fans Are Shook


Worlds are colliding in Hollywood right now, because actor Chris Pratt and The Hills star Spencer Pratt are hanging out!

Spencer took to Instagram last night to post a video with his "cousin" Chris Pratt along with wife, Heidi and son, Gunner hanging out an MMA event.

"So good when two cousins can just get out an enjoy life, you know what I mean?" Chris says in the hilarious video. "It's really nice."

"This is a family outing," Spencer says.

"I haven't seen my nephew, Gunner, since the birth, he's grown so big," Chris jokes.

Obvs Chris and Spencer aren't ACTUALLY cousins, but nevertheless, their "family outing" had fans shook.

"YESSSSSSSS I NEEDED THIS," one fan wrote, while another commented, "Didn’t know you were related."

Well, if you can't be brothers IRL, you can at least be best buds, and that is something we are definitely here for. 

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