Madison Beer Breaks Her Silence On Being Verbally Abused By Boyfriend Jack Gilinsky


Singer Madison Beer has broken her silence since a leaked audio file was released where her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky could be heard verbally abusing her.

When the recording hit the internet, fans were disgusted by the way Gilinsky was referring to his girlfriend as a "f*cking slut".

He quickly took to Twitter to release an apology citing that he was in "a very dark place" for the reason behind his actions.

18-year-old Beer has now herself spoken out on the controversy in a heartbreaking Tweet where she urges others going through a similar difficult time to "SPEAK UP".

She also went to explain why she stayed with him at the time: "If i left him, he'd do it to the next girl."

As we all know this isn't uncommon behaviour for a victim of domestic abuse.

However she did say that she has learnt from those mistakes and no one in the world deserves to be treated like that.

At this stage it is unclear whether Madison and Jack are still together.

if you or anyone you know are the victims of abuse please contact lifeline or reach out.

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