Amy Poehler tells MTV Style why she joined the ginger hair club

MTV Style spoke to Amy at the Inside Out premiere in Sydney...

These days it seems like celebrities change up their look as often as they change their underwear. But for Amy Poehler her distinct golden blonde locks have been a defining characteristic throughout her whole career.

Which is why we were all shocked to see her debut a head of fiery red hair two months ago.

MTV Style was on the red carpet for the premiere of Amy's new film 'Inside Out' in Sydney last night so we thought it was a good a time as any to quiz her on exactly why she made the colour switch-up.

"It’s such a boring story, I just wanted a change, so I thought well why not?!” said Amy.

Well, that dashes our hopes of her playing Jessica Rabbit in a saucy biopic.

Aside from joing the ginger hair club and filming movies adored by the world over, Amy has a pretty incredible side project that we've got so much time for called, 'Amy Poehler's Smart Girls,' which is effectively an online community for young girls to build each other up through creativity, comedy and imagination.

“Well, we started from a very selfish place doing fun things we wanted to do at that age and it’s turned into a bigger great thing and I love doing it and I learn so much from doing it and I like that people like it and I’m very appreciative that people like it," said Amy.

And just like that, if Amy wasn't already your #EVERYTHING goals then she damn well will be now.

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