The Story Behind The Rumour That Kanye West & Jeffree Star Have Been Romantically Involved

Kanye West and Jeffree Star are now enmeshed in a rumour that they are romantically involved after a viral TikTok made the unsubstantiated claims following Kimye’s divorce news.

“He [Kanye] showed up late and left early, he wouldn’t appear in any of their Instagram shots. All he did was bring over the hologram of her father Robert Kardashian, then got out of there as fast as he could.”

The strange retelling of Kanye West's behaviour at wife's Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday party from a ‘close source’ will go down in history, for sure. But, as is the nature of life at the moment, this captivating nugget on the alleged breakdown of Kimye’s marriage has already been trumped by another bizarre news story about the alleged divorce doing the rounds on Twitter today. It involves, of all people, famous beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star. 

Yep, Jeffree Star today fueled the incredibly strange and unverified rumour that he and Kanye West have had some sort of sexual relationship, which apparently contributed to the demise of Kanye West and Kim's relationship. (Whoever confidently went into this year saying it wouldn’t be as crazy as the one we just experienced may have spoken too soon.)

We can trace this particular story back to a wild conspiracy theory on TikTok, made by TikToker Ava Louise, who claimed in several videos that Kanye West and Jeffree Star were involved in a physical relationship of sorts. As Ava tells it on TikTok, she apparently came across this information via a ‘close’ source, alleging that an LA divorce attorney, who once offered Kim legal advice, told her that this is what led to Kim Kardashian West seeking to end her marriage. 

Some notes on TikToker Ava Louise: Insider calls her an “internet provocateur”; she has been known to extend the truth for clout and to land appearances on Dr Phil; and last year she posted a video of herself last licking a toilet seat for a parody "coronavirus challenge". Delightful! It's safe to say Ava Louise isn’t exactly a reliable source of truth, and the benefits of her posting this video are pretty obvious.

Regardless of its truth, this incredibly random claim caught fire. Soon, Twitter was all over the possible Kanye-Jeffree connection. Never one to miss a good press opportunity, Star also weighed in on the rumours in a few intriguing ways. Refinery29 reports that he deleted old tweets where he’d praised Kanye West’s music, and uploaded this Kanye reference to his 7 million followers. 

Just another day in 2021. 

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