A Moment Of Silence For Megan Fox's Terms Of Endearment

My partner just calls me ‘Dani’.

Let’s be honest: it’s Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s world and we’re just living in it. The couple are annual recipients of the ‘we get it guys, you’re in love’ award, seemingly boasting their “connection of mythic proportions” to anyone who will listen.

To really hammer the point home – Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he wears a vial of Megan Fox’s blood around his neck. Key players (by which I mean everyone at MTV Australia) even think this couple went on to inspire the weirdest and greatest couple of all time: Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian.

So what’s news with these two now?

Megan recently did an interview with FOX 5 New York to promote her upcoming movie, Till Death. Which, incidentally, stars Fox as a woman who wakes up in a secluded lake house handcuffed to her dead husband. What the fuck?

In the interview, Megan gets asked what nicknames she has for her boy Machine Gun Kelly.

"I call him ‘cookie,' I call him ‘buddha,' I call him ‘booby,'" Fox explained.

"There's lots of names," she continued.

My partner – strangely enough –  just calls me Dani.

She then speaks about her long standing crush on dreamgirl Angelina Jolie.

Back in 2009, Megan Fox revealed she had a crush on the Tomb Raider star, stating that dating her would solve all of her problems.

In the Fox interview, Megan Fox firmly stands by the crush.

“I do think I said that a decade ago, but I stand by it, I stick with it," she said.” A crush like that doesn’t just disappear.

Also, we all owe Megan Fox a debt of gratitude for doing her best to redeem Pride Month. The bisexual icon (bicon) uploaded a photo of her with a gorgeous rainbow manicure, writing “Putting the B in #LGBTQIA for over two decades 🌈🌈”

The top comment was from a user @jajaja.astrid, who articulated what we were all thinking once and for all.

“honey you made us realize the B in a lot of us,” they wrote. And honestly? True.

Words by Dani Leever, a writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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