James Charles Leaked His Own Nude As A 'Fck You' To His Twitter Hackers


It’s just another day and another James Charles scandal.

Overnight, the beauty guru’s Twitter account was hacked and flooded with some pretty obscene tweets which cost him his Twitter verification status.

The hackers changed Charles’ Twitter handle several times to names likes @ChucklingRN and @Jamesch85361786 and tbh, they got pretty nasty.

But the tweets were even worse, with Twitter forced to shut down the account.

“Going to japan with @loganpaul and find some dead n*ggers,” was one pretty horrific example.

Twitter users seem to think a group called the ChucklingSquad are behind the hack, and who have been linked to multiple other account hackings recently, including Shane Dawson just yesterday.

In a regaining of power, Charles has dropped a NSFW pic to make sure nothing can be held over his head again.

“Hi I got my account back. Just case I ever get hacked again, here’s the ONLY nude I’ve ever taken! Can’t threaten me with it now. get a life,” he posted.

The YouTube star shared the nude with his 4 million followers and it’s actually quite tasteful if we do say so ourselves.

With the account back in control, it seems the crisis is over and his verification has been restored. We’re sure this scandal is just water off a ducks back for James in comparison to his Tati Westbrook feud earlier this year!

- Tait McGregor

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