Ariana Grande Aims For The Top With New Single 'Positions'

Ariana Grande's lush new single "Positions" has arrived, marking the first lead single release from her upcoming sixth studio album.

Ariana Grande's shift from 'another pop star' to 'legitimate generational icon' was so gradual you might be excused to thinking it didn't happen at all. With Sweetener's release in 2018, she was laying the groundwork for something huge. Then, just six months later, she dropped the monumental thank u, next, the lead single of which was arguably one of the best pop songs of the decade. Now, she's the biggest musician in the world and confronted with the question: how can she follow up such a big moment in pop history? Her answer: strip it all back with "Positions".

Backed with a delightful dance of delicate guitar plucks, "Positions" is far sexier and burns far slower than Grande's previous lead singles. Cloaked in lace with just the right amount of leather, it's a song that balances Grande's vulnerability – opening herself up pleading to her lover that she can do it all – and assertion – letting you know that if her lover doesn't believe her, she'll show them.

While it now seems like a pretty natural progression for Grande – the modern sultry R&B world led by the likes of SZA and Summer Walker – it is worlds apart from her previous works.

It doesn't have the grandeur of My Everything, the rose-coloured, Pharrell beats of Sweetener or the pop-drenched anthemic structure of thank u, next. Not only is Grande singing about how she can do it all for her lover, she's proving to us that she can do it all within her career and discography as well.

She doesn't need to be as distinctly chameleonic or as immediately commanding as some of her contemporaries, but that doesn't matter. She's in her own lane, steering as casually and as nonchalantly as she likes. She's got the top down, wind in her hair and arm over the door. She might not have come hot out the gate, but she's determined to let us know that she'll win the race regardless.

And, as we wait another week for the follow-up to thank u, next, can we really doubt her?

Watch Ariana Grande's new music video for her lead single, "Positions", just below. 

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