Stop The Presses: Shane Dawson Has Returned To YouTube

After a very quiet few months, controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson returns to YouTube, featuring in fiance Ryland Adams' new video.

After a very quiet few months, controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson returns to YouTube, featuring in fiancé Ryland Adams' new video.

Months after announcing he was quitting the Beauty YouTube world, controversial star Shane Dawson is back in a new video – this time chatting.. bedroom makeovers.

We’ve barely heard a peep out of Shane in over two months – ever since he released his video “Taking Accountability”, in which he kinda-sorta apologised for his disturbing past behaviour. Now he’s resurfaced, talking all things homewares.

The new video is titled “Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal!” and was posted to Shane’s fiancé Ryland Adams channel. Confusingly, it's dated "June 15, 2020", but was posted this week. Shane's “Taking Accountability” dropped on June 27, 2020. Make of that what you will.

Anyway, the clip starts with Ryland panning the camera to Shane, who says “Oh my god, wait – oh, this is scary.” If you thought he was talking about his return to YouTube after all the shit that's gone down, same. But he’s not. He's referring to his side part. He's flipped it to the other side. We have no words.

The video then goes on to see the couple sharing details about the furniture, lighting and paint they’ve changed up in their bedroom. Ryland’s sister, Morgan Adams (another Dawson apologist) and his mum come to visit. Cue the unveil, before and after shots, fawning over paint colours etc, etc. It’s all very.. safe.

Course, we knew Shane Dawson’s brand-safe appearance was coming. Above-board videos like this will be key if Dawson is to get those outside of his most loyal fanbase back onside. Given there are very good reasons why people would be incredibly wary and unwilling to support him; Shane Dawson's comeback tour, aimed at getting him back into everyone's good graces, will be an uphill battle.

Don't remember all that went down with Shane? It's tough to keep track of, but the gist is: after his dramatic and ill-conceived 'exit' from the Beauty YouTuber world, fans unearthed lots of old videos of the YouTuber from over the years; videos that he'd much rather be totally wiped from the web, we're sure. Shane has been filmed using blackface; spouting various offensive words against POCs; and joking about paedophilia. It's all very disturbing. His public apology, which he made shortly after, also didn't go down well.

Enter: YouTuber Tati Westbrook, who then released a video accusing Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star of manipulating her to go against James Charles last year. Other than sending out a rash tweet or two, and recording a bizarre Instagram Live reacting to Tati’s claims, Shane's been quiet ever since. (His new merch line is alive and well though!).

Reddit users had some thoughts about his reappearance. “He’s going to slowly and slowly come back by making appearances in these videos,” one predicted. “So what Shane is just about doing is skipping the formal apology and going right into ‘nothing happened here I am.’ … I suspect he’s going to continue ‘dipping his toe’ into videos, then make an apology video, then act like nothing happened and create more videos – but that’s contingent on him getting monetisation back from YouTube of course,” another theorised.

New Ryland video with Shane in it? - Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal from r/ShaneDawson

But one Reddit user put it best – is Shane gaslighting us into thinking the past two months haven’t happened? “Am I crazy?” they wrote. “Has he shown up in another video recently and I’m just blanking? Cause they are 100% acting as if nothing happened and I’m just confused.”

While it’s impossible to know what motivated Shane to choose now as the time to resurface, here’s an interesting tidbit: three days ago, a Reddit user noted that James Charles had overtaken Shane in YouTube subscribers. If you remember, Tati Westbrook's argument had been that Shane and Jeffree started all the drama because they were jealous of James Charles and his meteoric rise on the platform. If that really is the case, we can bet Dawson would not be too pleased with this news.

Catch the video here:​

Main Image Credit: "Taking Accountability", Shane Dawson YouTube via Insider

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