The Controversy Continues: Four Of Shane Dawson’s Videos Have Been Pulled From YouTube

And so it goes on.

Days after years-old videos of Shane Dawson surfaced showing the YouTuber in blackface and joking about paedophilia, four episodes from his YouTube channel were blocked due to copyright infringement claims from Sony.

Since last night, four episodes from Shane’s 2019 web series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree StarThe Ugly Side of the Beauty WorldThe Conspiracy Collection Reveal and The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson ­– now show the error message: “Video unavailable: This video contains content from Sony ATV Publishing, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

It’s not known whether the videos were in fact reported by Sony/ATV Music Publishing as a company or if they were simply handling a request by an artist they represent. The docuseries (read: infomercials) featured original music from Jeffree Star and as well as a song by Hoodie Allen. (We've reached out to Hoodie for comment.) These videos have millions of views collectively; so its a pretty big deal for them to be taken offline – and the timing's pretty telling too. While we can't rule out that this could be some kind mix-up; it is quite probable that an artist may have no longer wanted the Dawson association that was once so celebrated

Shane's had a shitty few weeks, and arguably rightly so. From the ill-conceived apology video to the rediscovery of that disturbing Willow Smith clip; the explosive Tati Westbrook allegations and news that his channels had been demonetized by YouTube; there's a certain tide that's turning. It doesn't seem to be in Shane's favour. 

Somehow, we don't think we've heard the last of this.

Main Image Credit: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, YouTube

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