FYI Don't Hire Brad Pitt As A Weatherman No Matter How Beautiful He Is


For some, Brad Pitt has jumped back into the conversation after his Academy Award winning role in Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood. For others, they've long held a candle for the dreamy actor, and his latest spurt of popularity is only testament to his ability to make the world love him.

Chances are you sit in the 99% that quite simply thinks he's a top bloke. But if you're thinking 'is there anything this man can't do?' the answer is 'yes.'

To put it mildly, the 56-year-old is truly, very shit at reading the weather.

Appearing on a segment (6:50 mark below) during John Krazinski's new YouTube show Some Good News, Brad was enlisted to help update viewers on the weather.

“We should do a check on the weather. Brad, how’s it looking out there?” said Krasinski.

Then the beautiful, misguided sweetie looked out his window and replied, “It looks uh, pretty good, yeah," before his segment ended quite abruptly.

It was 0% helpful and 100% gorgeous.

At a time like this, far be it for us to shut down someone's dreams, but in this instance we must be brutally honest. Brad, maybe stick to award winning-acting, babe.

However, we guess everyone is staying inside so who really gives a hoot about the weather. Crack on, Braddles.

Main Image Credit: YouTube, Some Good News

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