All The Best Royals Content To Jump On Once You’ve Binged ‘The Crown’

Keen to learn more about the real lives of the key players in ‘The Crown’ season 4? Here are some great places to start.

Just finished season 4 of The Crown? Can't get enough of all things royals-related? Want to fish out every little detail about the real lives of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Camilla, William, Harry and The Queen, and everything that went down decades ago? You and me both. 

Fortunately, when it comes to royals content, there's heaps out there. Less fortunately, a lot of it is pretty average. Ahead we share some of our favourites for your Friday night (okay, entire weekend) binging pleasure.

Watch: Diana: In Her Own Words 

In 1991, Diana secretly recorded audio tapes in which she shared heaps of explosive details about her life and the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles. The tapes were for her mate, journo Andrew Morton, to help him write the biography, Diana: Her True Story. Though, when the book came out in 1992, Morton didn't name his source, just said it was someone close to the royals. After Diana tragically passed away in 1997, Morton finally revealed that it was in fact Diana herself who had been his source, and released the tapes. 

Just to give you an idea of how big of a deal the recordings were, in them, she calls her wedding day "the worst day of my life" and describes herself as being "a lamb to the slaughter". Pretty hectic stuff.  

Anyway, the tapes were put together with footage and photos of the events Diana described into a documentary that originally aired on National Geographic in 2017, but is now available on Netflix. If you're keen to know the story from Diana's perspective, it's a must-watch.

Watch Diana: In Her Own Words on Netflix. 

Watch: The Royals Revealed – Diana, Camilla and The Crown

The newest on this list, The Royals Revealed Diana, Camilla and The Crown, is a special co-produced by Network 10 and the UK's Channel 5, set to air on Channel 10 next week. The upcoming documentary will be an exciting one for The Crown fans, as it focuses specifically on the Camilla-Diana-Prince Charles love triangle, and gives further insights into what happened there. 

"So just what are they like behind their public image? What drives them, what are their personal passions, their pet hates, and how do they deal with their role as part of the most famous family on the planet? And crucially, what part did they play in various dramas that rocked the family to its very core?," the show's blurb reads. So bloody down for this.

The Royals Revealed Diana, Camilla And The Crown airs on Wednesday, December 2 at 7.30pm on Channel 10. You'll also be able to stream the series on 10Play.

Listen to: You're Wrong About's Princess Diana series

The five-episode series on Princess Diana is the latest offering from You're Wrong About, a cultural history podcast from two impassioned and incredibly well-researched journalists. Across the five episodes, Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall question the long-established narrative around Princess Diana and her life, addressing all the falsehoods and misconceptions floating about in the media – The Crown season 4 included. They track her life from beginning to end, touching on all parts of her story. 

We highly recommend you get this podcast in your ears, stat. It's one of our favourites.

Listen to You're Wrong About here.

Get across: Diana's interview on BBC Panorama

In 1995, Diana sat down with TV journo Martin Bashir (the same one who famously interviewed Michael Jackson) to give what would become the most controversial interview ever given by a member of the royal family. 

In it, Diana set the record straight about what was going on with her and Prince Charles, famously saying, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," and admitting to having an affair with army officer James Hewitt. 

Twenty five years after the interview went to air, the way the key players encouraged Diana to participate in the show is now officially being investigated. John Dyson, a former UK Supreme Court justice, is leading an inquiry into how Bashir was able to secure the interview and whether execs covered up any wrongdoing after being accused of tricking Diana into taking part. 

While the interview in full isn't available to watch, you can read the transcript of it here.

Watch: The Story of Diana 

Next up: The Story of Diana. This two-part doco, produced by ABC and People (the US ones not the Aussie ones), features interviews with Diana's brother Earl Spencer, as well as a heap of other people close to her, so you know they'll have some stuff to say.

"These interviews will be woven together with People's unparalleled reporting as well as captivating archival footage of the Princess of Wales. The documentary will not only explore the remarkable chapters of Diana's life, but will also delve deeply into the ways in which her story remains relevant today. This television event will remind the world why they fell in love with Diana in the first place – and will introduce her to a whole new generation," said ABC at the time of its release. 

Catch The Story of Diana on Netflix. 

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

Editor's Note: MTV and Network 10 are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS. This doesn't change our recommendation, but we want you to know who's who. 

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