Elly Miles Shares Tearful Clip Confirming She & 'Bachelorette' Winner Frazer Neate Have Split

Say it isn’t so! Elly Miles and Frazer Neate are officially done.

And just like that, both Bachelorettes are now back on the market.

ICYMI, just weeks after Becky Miles announced her split from Bachelorette winner Pete Mann, sister Elly Miles confirmed over the weekend that she and her own winner Frazer Neate had also decided to split.

In a tearful IGTV shared over the weekend, Elly, dressed in a yellow bikini top and sitting in her car, shared: "Frazer and I are no longer together. We broke up over the weekend."

Interestingly, just hours before Elly announced the break-up, Frazer shared on his own Instagram Stories the line-up for the Factory Summer Festival in Brisbane where he's based with the caption: "Festivals are bacckkkkk!" Celebrating his new single status, perhaps?

In Elly's clip, she explained that the couple had grown apart after the show and that the distance, having to keep the relationship a secret and "everything that comes along with having a relationship in the media" had played a role in the break-up.

"It's a pretty quick turnaround to go from thinking you're going to be with a person forever, to being single again," she continued. "I know I'm going to be fine though. I wasn't happy for a little while there. I know from my end, I gave it absolutely everything I had."

Elly then touched on the rumours Frazer had cheated on her. "Whether it's true or not, I don't know," she said. "It's not the reason we broke up. He says it's not true. But fuck knows honestly?"

"I want to thank everyone for their support. But yeah, I just want to put this behind me and move on with my life. I honestly gave everything I had to that show and to him. For it to not work out, it's pretty devastating."

Last week, Megan Pustetto, host of the podcast So Dramatic! revealed a source had told her: "My boyfriend is on Frazer's AFL team and he said that Frazer told the boys him and Elly had already broken up", but "stayed mates". Another source had claimed: "I know a few people that Frazer's hooked up with after filming wrapped."

Elly herself addressed one of the rumours on the podcast Life Uncut. The goss had been that Frazer had had a "secret" girlfriend in his mate Shyanne who had looked after his dog while he was on the show. Frazer had apparently told Shyanne that he came second.

"None of that was new news to me," Elly said. "Everybody has a history before the show. As soon as we got the experience we downloaded all that information onto each other, like all the conversations about your love life that you don't really have on the show."

"I knew they had been seeing each other, and she had been taking care of his dog. Frazer was honest with me about everything that happened with them, and they were still mates. I guess the situation is tricky, because he can't come out and tell her I won."

"I knew they were still friends, and they still… Frazer was FaceTiming me the other day taking her dog and his dog for a walk. I had a friend with benefits for two and a half years and we're still friends now and there's nothing in it, and that's the perspective I'm coming from. I'm a rational person, I'm not someone to overreact until I have all the information."

"Everything he's said to me has been consistent to what's come out, but she's had a different perspective on what was going on with them."

Catch Elly's full break-up announcement here:

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

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