Look At This Sad Kangaroo Man. Fuck 2020.

Oh god please make it stop.

Think back to New Year’s Eve, 2019. Where were you? Maybe you were at a house party, or a festival, or with family, a quiet gathering, a date with a lover. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, you felt something like hope. Even just saying “2020” felt so futuristic. A new decade, a new chapter; a chance to leave whatever bullshit you had going on in 2019 – A new era.

And then the fires came.

And the floods.

And then they took Kobe.

And then Covid.

And George Floyd.

And the locusts (?!). Fucking locusts. Like some proper Prince of Egypt shit.

And yet, despite all this, you soldier on. You keep going. Another day. Another fucking day, you tell yourself as you stare at your less than pristine bathroom mirror which you’re definitely going to clean tomorrow. Because today, well, today is just about surviving. Just get through another press conference, another spike in cases, another anti-masker going viral, another- oh my god did you seriously just stub your toe. Can shit get any worse?

Far out. Seriously someone needs to look into why the human anatomy has like 12,000 extra pain receptors on your toe. Just breathe. Pain is a social construct. Or a social contract? Whatever, pain isn’t real, it’s all in your head. Just don’t think about the toe.

So you sit, you pull your phone out, and you just- you just take a minute. You don’t go on Facebook, because it’s full of people with brain worms. You don’t go on Instagram, because it’s full of people who look better than you, are cooler than you, richer than you, have better cameras than you, probably smell better than you.

You avoid Twitter, because someone will post a picture of a cat, and someone else will reply with “Weird that there’s no dogs in this picture,” and someone else will chime in “Do you hate dogs?” And someone else will reply with “Dogs have been oppressing cats for centuries. Cancel dogs.” And then someone else will say that the cat picture is an anti-Semitic dog-whistle, and someone else will retweet it and say “I actually like cats.” And they’ll get cancelled. And then someone will retweet that with the caption “Dogs are a vibe.” And they’ll get cancelled.

So you avoid Twitter.

You avoid LinkedIn. Because your boss is there. And their boss is there. And their boss. Plus, you don’t even know how to use it anyway. You just signed up one day because someone told you it would help you get a good job. But now that you think about it you don’t exactly remember when you signed up for LinkedIn, do you? Or who even told you it would help you get a good job – it just happened. Somewhere along the line you got LinkedIn. You don’t know how, or why, or when, and you haven’t logged on in two months, but yeah, you’re technically on LinkedIn.

You avoid TikTok because that’s where Gen Z hangs out, and you are deeply, deeply, afraid of them.

So you click on the little Reddit icon on your phone. Ahhh, Reddit, you think to yourself. You think this will be fine, because you avoid the subreddits that you know will probably lead to you feeling even more shitty about the world; places like r/PublicFreakout or r/JusticeServed or any Karen type of sub. No, instead, you just go on r/Pics because it’s just harmless interesting pictures from around the world, right? That will take your mind off your toe. That will take your mind off this shitty fucked up year that doesn’t seem to ever end and is somehow getting worse day by fucking day.   

And then you see it.

This kangaroo, grieving over the body of another kangaroo, killed by a vehicle.

A male kangaroo grieves over the body of a dead female roo killed by a vehicle in Australia from r/pics

And that’s it! You’re done! Pack it up. 2020 is over. You could handle the fires, the locusts, the corona, the global civil unrest…

But this fucking kangaroo man.

Look at him. Look at how he has his little paw resting on his dead friend. Or were they a couple? Did he just lose his kangaroo wife? Oh that’s so messed up. Look at his sad eyes for fucks sake. You zoom in to his face, and you start to tear up. You stare into the deep, dark, sad, eyes of this grieving kangaroo, and all of 2020 stares back at you.

And this is the part where I was hoping to tie all this into some message of hope. Something light, something funny, something that would tell you it’s all going to be okay. A nice warm comforting hug with words. But to use this image of this sad kangaroo in such a manner would be disingenuous.  

There is no witty feel-good conclusion here. 2020 is fucked. Rest in peace little buddy.

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Main Image Credit: Reddit

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