Zac Efron's Mates Are Apparently Worried He’ll Stay In Aus Forever Because Of His New Relationship, Which Absolutely Works For Us

Zac Efron’s mates are heaps concerned they’ve lost their LA party pal after he found love in Byron with waitress Vanessa Valladares.

Zac Efron’s mates are concerned they’ve lost their LA party pal after he found love in Byron with waitress Vanessa Valladares. 

Zefron seems to be having a grand old time down under. So much so that the actor's mates are apparently heaps worried the actor won’t ever move back to LA, instead choosing to stay close to rumoured girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares. Or so says Woman’s Day, anyway.

If you didn’t know, Zac, 32, and Vanessa, 25, met at Byron Bay General Store where Vanessa was working. They're said to have been dating for the last few months. They were snapped wandering around Byron holding hands and grabbing lunch recently, and even went on a ski holiday to Thredbo together. Lovely!

Here she is: 

Now, Woman’s Day is reporting Zac’s mate in Hollywood is saying: “Everyone’s like, ‘When are you coming home?’”.

They added: “We miss him! But Zac’s focus is on Vanessa and he brushes off the question. He’s completely lost it over this girl and says he’s never felt so free and alive – she cuts through all his Hollywood bullshit and he can’t get enough of it.”

Sounds like the standard spiel anyone who’s ever fallen in love with someone overseas has told their nearest and dearest back home. Pretending you didn’t hear the 'when are you coming home?' question? Been there, done that.

So, here’s the spanner in the works, though: Zac was recently cast in the Disney+ remake of Three Men And A Baby, which is set to be shot in the US, meaning he’ll have to head back sometime to start that. 

The pal weighed in on how Zac probably feels about all that too. “He’s really torn between his cosy scene with Vanessa and his crazy career,” they said. “This is the first he’s able to be himself, not ‘Showtime Zac’. He’s finding the whole experience in Australia life-changing.”

Why I personally couldn’t have had a hand in Zefron's life-changing experience down under will forever be a thorn in my side, but I'm happy to see he’s happy.

After all, I just want the best for him.. especially if what's best for him keeps him in Australia. Zefron forever. 

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