Leaked Govt Docs Paint Picture Of What Melbourne Restrictions Could Look Like Post Sept 13

There's good news and there's bad news.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has remained pretty tight-lipped about his 'roadmap out of lockdown' post-September 13 when Melbourne's stage four lockdown is set to end. So, when the Herald Sun this morning (Thursday) claimed to have top-secret govt docs showing said roadmap, it was big news.

Turns out, though, the docs were out of date. Shortly after they were published, a govt rep came out and said they were no longer valid and that the actual plan would be revealed this Sunday, reports news.com.au.

Dan Andrews also responded to the leak at a press conference this morning: "The documents that have been the subject of a letter of interest over these last few hours are out of date and have no status", he confirmed. 

The docs had hinted that after Sept 13, Melbourne residents might be able to exercise for two hours a day, split into two sessions. Also being considered were the rights to allow single people and single parents to have a nominated visitor at home. As for the 8pm-5am curfew, apparently, the doc said those would stay in place for another two weeks. As would restrictions on businesses.

The leaked doc comes a day after the Victorian Parliament voted to extend the state of emergency powers by six months. While Victorian Premier Dan Andrews wanted to extend it for 12 months, the proposal got pushback from politicians (and the public) who didn't see such a long extension getting through Parliament

So, what does a state of emergency extension mean for restrictions?

Well, the extended state of emergency gives Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton free reign to continue issuing legally binding health directives after that date – like social distancing, mask wearing, density quotas and ensuring that patients with COVID-19 stay away from the community.

But as for the specific details, we won't know anything until Sunday. Dan did give us a bit of a teaser, though, saying they’ll be two lockdown exit road maps – one for metropolitan Melbourne and one for regional Victoria. 

The Premier stressed it's “very, very challenging for us today to predict with any certainty where we are going to be in a week or two weeks”.

“If we open up too quickly, then we will lose control of this. The numbers will explode and all the sacrifice and hard work that I’m so proud of Victorians for making and contributing will have been worth nothing," he continued.

This article was updated on Wednesday 3rd September at 10:50am to include Victorian Premier Dan Andrews' response to the leak from the morning's press conference. 

If your head is a little scrambled, make sure you pop over to WHO.int to get all of your official COVID-19 updates.

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