Gaz Beadle & Emma McVey's Son Chester Is Rushed To Hospital Again


Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey’s six-month-old son is back in the hospital again after a mystery illness kept him up for almost 48 hours straight. 

While the former Geordie Shore lad hasn’t commented on the situation, his model girlfriend took to social-media to keep fans in the loop about the ordeal and even shared a shot of the baby in his hospital bed.

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Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “3 hours sleep in 48 hours. Poorly baby. Hospital cuddles. My little trooper,” alongside an image of her son finally getting some shut-eye at Leeds General Infirmary.

This isn’t the first time little Chester has found himself in the hospital, with the child previously being treated for an unknown illness earlier in the year. At the time Emma revealed she almost burst into the tears at the sight of him in so much pain.

“There’s been nothing worse than to see Chester so poorly and in pain from every feed, to the point I cried for him,” she said. “Everyone sees a brave front but it has been the worst and hardest time of my life to not be able to take the pain myself.

“I will say every parent deserves a medal. I definitely couldn’t of got through the past week without the amazing help from grandparents, friends and a fab daddy that Chester has (sic).”

Emma has hit back at trolls claiming the reason behind Chester's recent hospital visit was due to her weight throughout pregnancy.

She wrote on Instagram stories: "For all the sick people saying any of Chester's illness's are due to my wight through pregnancy..."

"He has picked up Rotavirus, yes he's had all the vaccines for it but there's clearly a severe virus going around. My pregnancy has absolutely nothing to do with it."

"Please think before being a mummy troll, before trolling at all! I have and always will do everything for Chester."

We’re sending all our love to the Beadle-McVey family and hope that Chester makes a speedy recovery soon.


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