The Best Reaction Tweets From ‘The Most Chaotic Presidential Debate In History’

"This is tough. I like them both"

Well friends, in what will come as a surprise to literally no one, the first presidential debate of 2020 was an absolute shitshow. In what was a true representation of the unique and diverse multicultural tapestry of the 300-million-plus American people, a wealthy white man in his 70s took to the podium of Cleveland, Ohio's Case Western Reserve University to debate another wealthy white man in his 70s, with Fox News host Chris Wallace given the unenviable task of keeping it all in check. What transpired was just… so painful.

It was like watching the real-life incarnation of a Facebook comments feed transpiring live, right before our eyes. Truly, so chaotic and unpresidential was the whole affair that it would've been funny were it not for the fact that we were essentially watching the last croaks of the great American empire, going out with a 90-minute long whimper of interruptions and trail-offs, sprinkled with low blows and evasions. And while the US and indeed the world may continue to burn both metaphorically and literally for another four years, at least we got some funny tweets out of the whole affair.

So sit tight losers, here are some funnies to cheer you up while you come to the slow yet damning conclusion that we're all, truly, fucked. 

Written by David Allegretti, a Melbourne-based writer. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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