Lorde Has Made A Rare Appearance In Australia At Vogue's 60th Anniversary


Has Easter Sunday come early? Because it seems that our Lorde and saviour has risen once again.

Lorde has been almost completely reclusive since she wrapped up her 'Melodrama' world tour mid 2018, but now she's made a very rare appearance at Vogue Australia's 60th Anniversary party.

While we're sure she's, like, left the house and went to the shops and stuff, this is the first time she's attended an ~event~ in a hot minute, even if it was a private one.

Lorde fans have been stinging for new music for a while, it looks like we won't get it any time soon. 

In an email sent to her fans, Lorde admitted that her dog, Pearl, recently passed away and that she'll be taking some time away from working.

"A light that was turned on for me has gone out,” she wrote.

“The bright energy I was trying to communicate to you has gone, for now. He was instrumental to the discovery that was taking place. I felt he led me towards the ideas. And it’s going to take some time and recalibration, now that there’s no shepherd ahead of me, to see what the work is going to be.”

We hope Lorde takes all the time she needs, but at least she's still regal as F**K any time she steps out.

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