WATCH: Good Luck Surviving This Fkn Painful Interview With YouTuber Logan Paul


Logan Paul is back and this time he's chatting about his 'pink eye'. Cool.

Paul has done an interview with Fox Business for some reason and, much like the condition he claims to be afflicted with, it's awkward, irritating and embarrassing.

The interview is truly 50 shades of yikes, as Paul divulges that not only does he have pink eye, but also he is in pretty dire financial woes.

“I will say, my expenses just surpassed my income for the first time ever,” he said, almost smugly.

“I just sat with my financial manager he told me that. Like, I’m definitely going downhill from here.”

That is actually pretty astounding, considering Paul reportedly earned $14.5 million USD last year, according to Hollywood Life.

He is apparently freaking out about it all though, saying "Yeah absolutely, I’m terrified."

"I think it’s the beginning of the end." 

He then added, "I also have pink eye."

He then went on to claim he is an "ex-controversial" YouTuber - sure, Jan - and that's about done us for the day.

Watch the interview, if you dare, below.

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