Harry Styles Dressed As 'The Little Mermaid' Is A Real Mood

I didn't know how much I needed this.

Harry Styles is officially ready to be part of your world. A photoshoot of the 27-year-old singer-songwriter dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid surfaced online a few hours ago and promptly submerged the internet.

The collection of images – in which Styles raises a glass of champagne while wearing the character's quintessential bright red wig, seashell bra, and green tail – are from a previously unreleased photoshoot from when Styles hosted Saturday Night Live in November 2019. The promotional images were skipped over in favour of a set of those that featured Styles posing on a huge disco ball, leaping through the air in a leotard, and playing the harp. The pics were left to sink into the dark depths of the sea – until now.

The decision for Styles to channel his inner mermaid makes a lot of sense. Not only does he have a siren tattoo and has described himself as a mermaid in the past, but Styles made headlines a few months prior to hosting SNL due to rumors he was in "early negotiations" for the role of Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney film. That part has since gone to Jonah Hauer-King, but the memory of Styles's potential undersea adventure lives on in these photos.

In response to the photoshoot, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions and a slew of hilariously clever memes. "Ariel from The Little Mermaid was spotted crying at the bottom of the sea this morning. According to sources, she is upset because Harry Styles just ended her whole career," one fan wrote. Others nicknamed him "Hariel," crafted comprehensive threads casting him as every character in the film, and even photoshopped him on the rocks of his seaside music video for single "Adore You".

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