Tati Tries Her Utmost To Avoid The Elephant In The Room

YouTuber Tati Westbrook has returned to her channel, giving a life update and scrupulously avoiding Dramageddon 3.

An eventful Friday for those committed to following the ebbs and flows of the Tati Westbrook/James Charles/Jeffree Star/Shane Dawson saga: Tati is back! This is the beauty YouTuber’s first video since her explosive follow-up to ‘Bye Sister’, ‘Breaking My Silence’, but it’s really more of a life update than any huge tea spillage. Everything you need to know below.

Tati Westbrook's First Video Since 'Breaking My Silence'

This is the first time we’re hearing from the beauty YouTuber since her explosive return video ‘Breaking My Silence’ where she apologised to James Charles for ‘Bye Sister’ and accused Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star of lying and manipulating her to turn against James Charles in the first place. Westbrook says the events of Dramageddon 3 and its fallout were “a terrible time in my life," calling it “the past event that seems to want to follow me everywhere I go”.

What does Tati Westbrook address in 'A Year Later...'?

First off, Tati isn’t keen to get back into the topics she discussed in her last video, ‘Breaking My Silence’ - namely: the whole Jeffree Star-Shane Dawson manipulation thing. Tati did admit that she currently isn’t involved in any legal broils relating to these two YouTubers, though, and the reason she doesn’t want to talk about this in any further detail is simply because she doesn’t want to. She also goes as far as suggesting “I don’t even think you guys want to hear about it,” which we all know isn’t true. Some things she did speak to are:

The legal battle she’s in with ex-business partner, Clark Swanson, over allegations on fraud, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty: “I was recently informed that Clark Swanson had been feeding information, disparaging information, to drama channels about myself, about my husband, my family, info about Halo Beauty, financials, pipeline of product launches, the kind of stuff that should never be shared under any circumstances. Finding this out really signaled to me that this, in my opinion, feels like sabotage and has made me want to go the distance and not stop the fight for justice in this particular situation.”

Her near-divorce from husband James Westbrook: "James and I almost got divorced. He got his own place. We were separated during the holidays,” she revealed. "I did not think we were gonna work it out. I thought there was no hope.... It was a tough and lonely holiday season." Tati later says in the video that they managed to work things out and all is well with them again.

Her retreat from the beauty community: "When I pulled back I stopped communication with everyone in the beauty community. I haven't talked to anyone in over a year. I really took a break and I needed to for my peace of mind.”

Why she returned to YouTube: Tati said the ugly nature of the legal battle with Swanson is what inspired her choice to “come back and make content and still believe in this brand, promote this brand, be in this brand as the CEO [even] while my business partner is suing me.”

And of course, Tati promises a Tati Beauty video soon. Stay tuned.

Watch Tati Westbrook’s video ‘A Year Later…’ below.

Words by Alice Griffin, editor of this very site. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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