Would You Attend A Taylor Swift-Themed Theme Park?

One particularly dedicated Swiftie created an entire virtual theme park based on Taylor Swift’s music... what have you been up to in lockdown again?

There are Taylor Swift fans, and then there are the die-hards.

YouTuber Matthew Ables definitely falls into the latter category. The dude designed a digital theme park based on Taylor’s career, complete with a map showing over 60 attractions spread across dedicated "lands" representing each of her eight albums! Love the enthusiasm. 

In a 30-minute explainer video on his YouTube page, Matthew explained he'd made the imaginary theme park – dubbed “Wonderland” after Taylor’s single from 1989 – because his plans this year had been wrecked.

“I really enjoy going to theme parks and attending Taylor Swift concerts and had arrangements to do both of those things this summer, but evidently, 2020 had other plans,” he said in his YouTube video. Ables broke the video down into chapters, each one focusing on a park section dedicated to one of the Swift albums. (You'll find us in folklore.)

“You enter in 1989 land, but first I recommend you make your way over to debut land where you can some fun with your hair undone,” Matthew says in the TikTok. “Feel free to grab a bite to eat in Abigail’s Cafeteria or even make a TikTok at the giant Love Story ring. Of course, the Fearless section obviously has some thrills. And the Speak Now area has some haunts.” How good! 

Swiftie's have a habit of going viral. The last Taylor Swift stan who garnered national attention was the poor woman who fatefully went camping with no WiFi at the end of July... and completely missed Swift’s unexpected folklore album drop. Very unfortunate. All's well that end's well though, as the fan managed to get a response from Taylor Swift directly welcoming her to the folklore party. With the amount of effort Matthew's put into his park, we hope he'll get a shoutout from Tay, too.

Catch Matthew Ables' full Taylor Swift theme park explainer here: 

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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