Macaulay Culkin Is Down To Digitally Remove Trump from ‘Home Alone 2’

Can we digitally remove him from our lives, too?

Macaulay Culkin has responded to a fan's idea on Twitter to remove Donald Trump's cameo from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Yup, turns out that inciting a deadly coup against the US government is a good way to piss off fans of the classic flick.

A Twitter user took to the platform on Monday to share a brilliant idea regarding President Cheetoh's cameo:

Adding a time loop element to the classic flick would actually be very intriguing, especially if it means that Trump ends up losing his cameo. The tweet was gaining traction online, when the star of the film himself chimed in supporting the idea:

Several Twitter users flexed their video editing skills by mocking up what the scene would look like with Trump digitally removed, including this video.

It caught Culkin's eye, who responded: 'Bravo'.

The story goes that Trump actually strong-armed his way into a cameo. The Home Alone 2 team paid plenty of money to film at Trump Tower, but in a quintessential Donald Trump move, he also insisted on being in the movie himself. Typical.

Revisiting Kevin's wacky adventures at Christmas time would be a lot better without having our eyes assaulted by Trump's face. Even if Culkin, who is now 40, is crudely edited in talking to his younger self, we're pretty much in full support of all of this.

Next up, could we work on digitally removing him from our collective memory?

Written by Dani Leever, a writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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