A Complete List Of All Of Gaz Beadle's Famous Hook Ups


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Rebecca Fox: Model and Tattoo artist Rebecca dated Gaz for over a year, but the beauty ended up moving to Australia.


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Charlotte Dawson: This could be Gaz's only relationship with no bad blood, these two have stayed mates despite splitting after a brief fling.


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Holly Hagan: Who could forget their Season 1 hook up while Holly was still going out with her boyfriend Dan. It was pre-Charlotte of course!


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Olivia Walsh: Gaz and Olivia have had many hook ups, but the spark has never really caught fire...at least for Gaz...


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Chrysten Zenoni: His "Aussie Girlfriend" Chrysten set the EOTB house alight with the story she slept with Gaz when Lillie came to spend time with him in Oz.


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Vicky Pattison: We will never - EVER - understand this...didn't they hate each other??


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Lillie Lexie Gregg: Everything looked picture perfect until cheating claims looked to be 100% correct and Gaz came clean on an intense season of Ex On The Beach.


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Emma McVey: The most recent relationship to go up in flames, we thought Emma might be endgame until she outed Gaz on Twitter as a 'self-obsessed narcissist'.


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Anita Kaushik: Ex On Th Beach brings people together...for a few months, before it all went balls up.


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Marnie Simpson: You'll remember the controversy when Marnie strung Scotty T along, only to sleep with Gaz when the cameras weren't watching...


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Mel Reeves: The feisty DJ who held nothing back when revealing she slept with Gaz while he was still with Lillie.


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Chelsea White: Gaz reportedly started dating model Chelsea in 2013 and they even brought in the New Year together with her family!


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Jasmin Walia: Now this hasn't been confirmed, but reports say Gaz was ENGAGED to TOWIE's Jasmin for five months in 2013. Scuse!?


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Jemma Lucy: Gaz slept with Jemma on Night 1 of EOTB... right before his ex Lillie, and her ex Hawley both walked in to confront them!


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Needing no introduction....... Charlotte Crosby