The Top 20 Best Cities Around The World To Spend A Weekend

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1. Chile

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2. South Korea

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3. Portugal

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4. Djibouti

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5. New Zealand

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6. Malta

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7. Georgia

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8. Mauritius

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9. China

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10. South Africa

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20. Prague, Czech Republic: Great for cultural activities, accommodation, and clubbing!

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19. Vancouver, Canada: Number one in cultural activities and highly ranked for their outdoors with beautiful green spaces.

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18. Sydney, Australia: Ranked highest in dining and social activities! Not too shabby Sydney.

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17. Cologne, Germany: Best for their theatres and cinemas, as well as concerts.

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16. Copenhagen, Denmark: Ranked for safety, LGBT friendly communities, and Women's rights and Safety. Hell yeah Denmark!

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15. Stockholm, Sweden: Land of the Skarsgård brothers, and lots of green space! Also dining, clubbing and music venues are plentiful.

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14. Toronto, Canada: Ranked highest for a LGBT friendly community, as well as wonderful theatres and cinemas. Don't forget to catch the hockey!

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13. Los Angeles, USA: the city of stars ranked highest for music venues, museums and galleries.

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12. Tokyo, Japan: Ranked the highest for their dining and we don't disagree. Yuuuuum!

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11. San Francisco, USA: Well known for their LGBT loving community. Thy were ranked highest for concerts, and social activities, especially their nightlife and theatres.

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10. Madrid, Spain: Social activities were ranked the highest, especially for the LGBT community. Plenty of bars, clubs, and theatres on offer.

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9. Barcelona, Spain: Bars, clubs, music are all on the top.

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8. Munich, Germany: Highly ranked for it's safety, theatres and cinemas. Enjoy a pint or two at one of their bars while you're at it.

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7. New York City, USA: Not surprisingly NYC ranks highly for social activities including nightclubs, bars, dining, museums, as well as accommodation.

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6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Ranked highest for their LGBT friendly community, as well as cultural events and museums or gallerias.

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5. Paris, France: Ooo La la Paris has fantastic ratings for dining and number 1 in music venues. There's so much to do in Paris between museums and nightlife you'll never run out of things to enjoy.

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4. Hamburg, Germany: amongst some of its highest rankings, you can enjoy the museums and galleries Hamburg has to offer. They also have killer nightlife, theatres, and is supremely safety.

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3. Vienna, Austria: Ranks highly in cultural events, museums and galleries. Its also gorgeous. So there's that.

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2. Berlin, Germany: Ranks highest for music venues, museums and galleries and cinemas. One of the best things is their LGBT friendly community.

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1. London, England: Basically, it has it all!

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