The Top 10 Trending Foods From The Last 10 Years


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2006: Pizza, the ultimate take out (at least in our opinion). While it's a timeless food, the mid-noughties was all about non-fussy, eat with your hands party food (AKA pizza).

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2007 – The pasta swirl. Italian is dominating the decade so far, granted due to a plethora of Italian restaurants and cheese-y goodness like this!?

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2008 – Australia's first food truck landed in Sydney and with it came the infamous Cheesy chips. DROOL!

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2009 – Korean comfort food takes the spotlight and with bowls like that, you can tell why.

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2010 - Hello sushi! Mainstream sushi restaurants make it big.

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2011 – Macaroon craze hits Australia, but tbqh and it never really left.

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2012 – Mexican, duh. Sydney quickly became smothered in guacamole and we're definitely not complaining.

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2013 – Around 2013 Aussies started feeling their waistbands get tighter and sprung into the health food trend with full force with fresh smoothie stores and acai bowls taking the spotlight.

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2014 – American-style food translated down under with fried chicken, southern sauces and American burgers coming out in full force.

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2015 – This is synonymous with the freakshake. Jacked up milkshakes with enough ingredients to dazzle the eyes and expand the stomach. INSANE!

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2016 – We snuck this in, because of course 2016 isn't over yet. But to put it plainly: RAINBOW ERRYTHANG! ...and we mean everything from bagels to pasta to cakes. Check out this Willy Wonka Burger from Bar Luca if you don't believe us.

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